About Me

Danielle is a Canadian contemporary painter and printmaker. Born in Toronto, Danielle studied at Queen’s University, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) degree in Painting and Printmaking with a minor concentration in Psychology and History. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, Danielle earned her Bachelor of Education (Arts Integration) from York University in Toronto, Canada. She is currently an educator with the York Region District School Board.

Danielle enjoys spending summers abroad where she is able to experience multiple cultures throughout her travels. She brings an international perspective to her artwork, and teaching philosophy. Her paintings and prints express elements of these explored cultures, while exhibiting her own life experiences. Recently, Danielle has been inspired by her heritage and has tried to infuse identity into her artwork.


Sparking conversations and inspiring imagination, with a vision that cannot only be taught, but also personally experienced.


Harnessing and implementing creativity in the craft with practical experience in cross-curricular Arts Integrated learning.